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Sir John Betjeman


His poem: "Slough" contains the phrase:

"Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough..."

His self-voiced poem: "A Child Ill" was used as an entrance clip for concerts in 2002 & 2007-8.

This track was picked by Morrissey for the NME's compilation CD Songs To Save Your Life (June 19, 2004).
In 2012, Morrissey responded to a question published in "Radionica" (Columbia, 2012) with:

Q: Literary influences are well known in your work. British classical poets are cited in your first stage. Today, do you think you still have those influences? If so, what are the authors you read the most today?

A: There are no modern poets. Poetry published in Britain is a joke. John Betjeman was our last great poet. He was magnificent. I think that poetry, in any case, is a personal taste. For too long, pop singers took references from poetry. But that is dead. If you can find something in the current pop, inspiring, you are either crazy or very lucky.

Translation courtesy of member "Somehow still alive".

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English poet, writer and broadcaster.

He was born 28 August 1906 in Hampstead , London, England, UK and died 19 May 1984 in Trebetherick, Cornwall, England, UK.

Commander (CBE) - Order of the British Empire.

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Sir John Betjeman, (; 28 August 1906 – 19 May 1984) was an English poet, writer, and broadcaster. He was Poet Laureate from 1972 until his death. He was a founding member of The Victorian Society and a passionate defender of Victorian architecture, helping to save St Pancras railway station from demolition. He began his career as a journalist and ended it as one of the most popular British Poets Laureate and a much-loved figure on British television.

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