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Richard Bradford


Cover star of the Panic single.
Via a Goddard phone interview, 2005 (as quoted in Mozipedia):

"They wanted to use my picture and I said yeah. I heard they were a great band, but they sent me the finished cover without the record inside. So I’ve never heard “Panic”"

In his Autobiography, Morrissey describes:

"At 30, the prematurely grey Richard Bradford is the star of Man In a Suitcase, a discredited CIA agent now loitering about London waiting for the phone to ring (usually from a youngish blonde female whose father, The Major, is under shocking duress). As McGill, Richard Bradford mumbles his lines, is never witty, and gets by purely on the red-blooded toughness of his Tyler, Texas door-ramming physique, which provides all answers and never once fails him. Bradford is a figure of glamor, although his girlfriends are infrequent or short-term. He rests his cigarette down by placing it upright like a pencil, never slanted into an ashtray, and his charging physicality renders sparkling wordplay unnecessary. He lives alone, unexcited, disinterested, world-weary and ungiving, yet it is this dry-as-dust approach that makes him fascinating."

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Richard Edwin Bradford Jr. (November 10, 1934 – March 22, 2016) was an American actor. He is best known for his leading role in the television series Man in a Suitcase (1967–1968) and supporting role in the film The Untouchables (1987).