Preston, England 1986-10-27 (The Smiths concert)

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The Smiths Live Concert
Tour The Queen Is Dead Tour
Date 27 October, 1986
Venue Preston Guildhall
Location Preston, England
Opening Act Raymonde

Set List [1]


This concert was cut very short due to an object being thrown and hitting Morrissey. The Lancashire Post (February 28th, 2019) recalls the night via attendees:

"There were a lot of people milling around outside and trying to sneak in. And lo and behold they were on – and they were off and it was all over before it began. I didn’t see what happened."

“People said it was a two pence coin that had been cut down. I am not 100 per cent whether he got hit by anything. There was a lot of confusion about whether he was going to come back on again."

“Twenty minutes later we got the announcement that they wouldn’t be coming back on and that was it. Everybody was up in arms. There was lots of booing and fire extinguishers were let off. But the lights were all up and that was it. Gone. Finished. Done. People went around picking up off the floor to get the money back.”

Mark Bickerdike was there at the Guild Hall and recalls: “Absolute madness ensued for at least a minute or so when the intro music stopped and the next thing we knew the band had walked off stage, never to return.”

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Craig Gannon played guitar also this night.

  1. Set List provided by Passions Just Like Mine