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Mentioned by Morrissey in Autobiography as a record purchased amongst others in 1967:

"1967’s major investments are Simon Smith and his amazing dancing bear by Alan Price (who sings ‘well excepted everywhere’, which surely ought to be ‘well accepted everywhere’), Peek-a-boo by the New Vaudeville Band, Bernadette by the Four Tops. Everything I am by Plastic Penny has the line ‘got my feet on the ground|you’ve found some good in me’, and the sad lilt jabs. I am fascinated by I’ve been a bad, bad boy by Paul Jones, because it is so loud and so strange, and there it is at number 6 in the charts, hooray."

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The New Vaudeville Band was a group created by songwriter Geoff Stephens in 1966 to record his novelty composition "Winchester Cathedral", a song inspired by the dance bands of the 1920s and a Rudy Vallee megaphone-style vocal. To his surprise, the song became a transatlantic hit that autumn, reaching the Top 10 in the United Kingdom and rising to No. 1 in the United States. The New Vaudeville Band initially was a studio group composed of session players, but Stephens quickly assembled a permanent group to continue recording and to play live shows. The group has been periodically revived since, without Stephens' participation. The New Vaudeville Band placed several singles in the US and UK Top 40 through 1967. The group was nominated for two Grammy Awards, one for Record of the Year and they won in the Contemporary (R&R) Recording category for the 9th Annual Grammy Awards.