Morrissey chat transcript (September 29, 1999)

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Morrissey - KROQ chat transcript -

Most of the transcript provided by Vu (from his site, Recycled Papers).


SPEAKER_Morrissey> Adam, re: films I like,
you should see "Nil by Mouth," but not if you're feeling particularly happy.

Daniel, re: playing piano,
I only play with my elbows.

Goldenbrad, re: the next album,
The next album has been written but has yet to be recorded b/c I'm waiting to find a new deal. But the songs are the best yet.

Pepe, re: fav number b/El Vez,
I love El Vez. I wanted him to come to England and to Europe. He's influenced me greatly.

Mel, re: touring,
It's the best part of being involved in music. B/c it's the most free part.

Bedrock, re: Beck,
It's incredibly untrue.

Troubled, re: reunion with Marr,
Not even on the darkest nights.

DearGothy, re: feminist?,
I'm a masculinist.

Cberg, re: fave song to sing,
It's called "Reader Meets Author"

Lily, re: sex symbol,

Stalwart, re: rap music,
There's no melody (sigh).

Rimbaud, re: cover songs?,
There are so many. So many. (laughs)

re: 90's bands,
Predictably, I feel very little towards them. Everybody really does seem to do the same thing.

Shoplifter, re: clothes,
Oh God, my clothes do not rock, ever. Nowhere special. How can clothes rock?

Elsberry, re: sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll,
Rock 'n' roll, because it is the other two.

Daniel, re: being approached at shows,
It never makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm very trusting of people, unless I know them.

Emilio, re: most people being plastic,
Most people aren't even that genuine.

Mozbabe, re: life,
It won't last.

Ordinary Boy, re: bands copying my style,
They do it so badly.

Vic, re: good songwriter?,
A complete disregard for the music industry.

Wildeonmoz, re: coming up with lyrics,
I do a hell of a lot of eavesdropping. So watch out, I could be standing behind you right now.

Ralphie, re: New Year's Eve,
I'll be sitting on babies, I mean babysitting.

Ral, re: animal or vegetable,
The animal and the vegetable, that I am.

Oscar, re: going to the moon,

Mel, re: why doing this w/KROQ,
Is this Richard Blade?

Rebecca, re: someone special in my life?,

Rebecca, re: someone special?,
Just think of all the money I save while dining out.

Louderthanmusic, re: fave line ever wrote,
This story is old, I know but it goes on.

Wintermelt, re: reading fan sites?,
I'm told about them, without having to read them. I have a Web site slave.

Soy, re: "Kit,"
It was never released.

Soy, re: "Kit,"
It's a little irrelevant.

Kerissa, re: working with Bowie again?,
As what?

re: listen to punk music.
Always, especially the Cockney Rejects.

re: anything to say to fans,
Help me!

re: free time, business,
Yes, I make scarves and gloves

re: fave designer,
I'm a Gucci baby

re: sense of humor, doing stand-up,
My sense of humor has never been noticed.

re: music after 39,
oh, definitely.

re: love life,
I'm waiting for you, Hulmerist25.

re: contacting me,
There's no sure way, there's no official way. I don't actually exist.

re: being famous changed me?
Yes, it's made me more normal.

re: being famous...
Especially in Scottsdale.

re: working with Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant,
Yes, I'm working on his hair.

re: signing with a smaller label,
I would definitely consider signing with a smaller label. Bigger does not necessarily mean better.

re: career w/o singing?
I wouldn't have a career.

re: what I eat?
I certainly don't eat animals or fish, and I never will.

re: what family thinks of my success,
They think it's very peculiar.

re: gigs in L.A., apart from Santa Barbara and Las Vegas.
Well, no.

re: new song title,
There's no chance of my telling you that whatsoever.

Any last questions.


Yipster, re: what I'm reading?,

Rockon, re: a tribute album me,
It wouldn't matter who's on it b/c if anybody covers your songs, you're incredibly grateful, as long as it's not Britney Spears.

A secret message: The vest is yet to come.

I'd like to thank everybody for their time.

I'd like to thank everybody for sticking around and supporting me. It's been a long haul.

Good night, and thank you.

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Pen Pen 20:02:48
When asked if there would be a smith's reunion he said:
'The Smiths is dead boys'

From Morten Larsen: It seems that you have missed one of Morrissey's more interesting answers, possibly because it was his first one.

He was answering my question:
"Are you going to play Smiths-songs on your coming tour, and are you going to debut new songs?"
He answered "Morten, the answer to all your questions is yes."