Morrissey Capitol Records Timeline

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This won't be linked to anything currently and is just being used to collate. It will be tidied up and linked to the correct pages in the wiki eventually. Miley Cyrus mentions will feature too as they are interlinked.

Morrissey Capitol timeline.


  • March 9, 2020 (Cologne - Palladium):"Paris cancelled due to ‘Miley Cyrus’..." announced on stage by Morrissey.


  • Jan. 5: Morrissey Official FB shares Miley Cyrus video: "Miley's Playlist".
  • Feb. 20: Percussion Discussion: Chad Smith says "just finished a Morrissey album" - Iggy Pop guests on it.
  • March 12: Central: "GODDESS MILEY IN A SMITHS Tee" picture.
  • May 30: Central: MORRISSEY NEW Album announced.
  • July 5: Central: "Turning The Inside Out" interview.
"You are writing new songs with Alain Whyte."
"Do you think, as remarkable as this album is, that any major label will sign you?"
"It's about the kids who were murdered"


  • January 28, 2022:
Morrissey emails Scott Rodger re: I Am Veronica.
  • February 10, 2022: Central: "MORRISSEY AND MILEY CYRUS, RELAXING."
  • May 10: I Am Veronica debuts live (Phoenix)
  • July 5, 2022:
NME: "Morrissey debuts new song ‘Bonfire Of Teenagers’, about Manchester Arena Bombing'
Consequence: "Morrissey Takes Swipe at Oasis in New Song About Manchester Arena Bombing"
  • July 9, 2022: Las Vegas, Nevada concert Morrissey announces:
"The backing vocals that you hear were done magnificently by Miley Cyrus. To whom I am forever a slave, gardner, dog walker, pest controller... Um, Miley couldn't be here tonight or any night, but I luff you"
  • October 14, 2022: "Backing vocals by my good friend Miley Cyrus" on stage (Brighton Centre, UK).
  • October 29, 2022: Central: "Release"
Capitol Records (Los Angeles) will release Morrissey’s ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’ in February 2023 will be released worldwide except for the United Kingdom, where there is no label deal.
Capitol Records (Los Angeles) has also licensed the rights to re-release Morrissey’s albums
Morrissey is managed by Maverick/Quest in Los Angeles.
"The album features Miley Cyrus and Iggy Pop on additional vocals."
  • November 2, 2022 Ron Perry (Columbia Records) emails Scott Rodger stating:
"Hi Scott - sorry for the delay. Just saw this.
Unfortunately we will not be clearing any outside features for MC right now."
  • November 14, 2022: Central: "Bonfire Unlit."
'Bonfire of Teenagers' is no longer scheduled for a February release, as stated by this site. Its fate is exclusively in the hands of Capitol Records (Los Angeles.)
  • November 25, 2022: Central: "Rebels Without Applause"
First 'single' release in exactly three years.
Morrissey's Rebels Without Applause is available today worldwide (including Britain) on Spotify, courtesy of Capitol Records.
  • December 22, 2022: Morrissey Official YT gets renamed to "Leif Janzen" (Digital Marketing Director - Capitol).
  • December 23, 2022: Central: "ROLL ON 2023"
Morrissey has voluntarily parted company with Maverick/Quest management.
Morrissey has also voluntarily withdrawn from any association with Capitol Records (Los Angeles.)
  • December 24, 2022: Central "MILEY IS A PUNK ROCKER"
Miley Cyrus now wants to be taken off the song ‘I Am Veronica’ for which she volunteered backing vocals almost two years ago. This comes at a time when Morrissey has disassociated himself with Capitol Records (Los Angeles), who control the hidden album ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’.


  • February 7, 2023: Central: "BONFIRE DOUSED:"
Morrissey is ‘too diverse’ for Universal Music Group.
Capitol Records (Los Angeles) will not, after all, release Morrissey’s 2021 album ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’.
  • February 13, 2023: Central: "BONFIRE OF TEENAGERS, RIP"
Capitol Records (Los Angeles) proudly promotes Sam Smith’s ‘satanism’...
  • February 21, 2023: Central: "New Recording."
(re: mainly WMTWD)
Capitol Records Los Angeles recently terminated their contract with Morrissey, therefore if any record label or private investor has interest in releasing this project, please contact Donnie Knutson...
  • February 21: Daily Mail:
"Morrissey searches for 'a new record label or investor' as beleaguered star unveils cover art and track listing for new album : 'Without Music The World Dies' - weeks after 'voluntarily' severing ties with Capitol Records"
  • March 26, 2023: Central: "Tours"
No possibility has arisen to release Morrissey's new music, and the 2021 album Bonfire Of Teenagers remains in the grasp of Capitol Records in Los Angeles, who have no plans to release it.
  • October 13, 2023: Plane flys over Capitol Records building.
  • October 15, 2023: Central: "Capitol Wreckers" post aimed at Michelle Jubelirer.
  • October 17, 2023: Scott Rodger email leaks.