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Mikel Erentxun


Covered There Is A Light That Never Goes Out in Spanish (Esta Luz Nunca Se Apagará), released on his album Naufragios in 1992.

Also covered Everyday Is Like Sunday in Spanish (Todo Es Igual Siempre), released on his album Acrobatas in 1998.

From Mikel Erentxun: “Quiero morir con las botas puestas” | Movida21 - peru21.pe[1]:

Morrissey segment (Google translated - so pinch of salt):

There are various versions of your meeting with Morrissey. What was that date really like?

I was presenting a record in Los Angeles, California, and a fan friend who was also a fan friend of Morrissey's worked the magic. He told me: "Hey, Morrissey told me that he wants to meet you"; back then he lived in California. I had had some success with the versions of his songs, in fact at that time they called me the "Latin Morrisey", for me it was very funny. So this friend got the miracle; We were in the dressing room one day about to go out to play and the promoter tells me: “They want to say hello to you”, I open the door and Morrissey comes in, I almost faint.

The story goes that they had a couple of gin and tonics.

That time he had to leave, but, to my surprise, for the third or fourth concert he came again and this time he had more time and while a band opened our show, we were actually able to sit at a bar, have a couple of gin and tonics and talk about this and that. It was really very special, he stayed for the concert and when it was over he congratulated me, we exchanged phone numbers, but he never answered my call; So, my story was left there, he probably gave me a false number.

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Spanish songwriter and artist (b. Caracas, Venezuela, 1965) based in San Sebastian since 1973 and active since early 1980s, member of Hillbilly Cats (12 years old), Los Aristogatos (1982), Deklahton, Duncan Dhu (1984-2001), Las Malas Influencias (2009-present) and as solo project since early 1990s to present. He has collaborated with Mark Gardener, Robert Quine, drummer Pete Thomas, Lloyd Cole, Matthew Sweet and Fred Maher

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Mikel Erentxun Acosta (born 23 February 1965) is a Venezuelan-born Spanish rock musician of Basque heritage. Formerly with the group Duncan Dhu, he started his solo career in 1992. He has released 16 albums as a solo artist and has covered The Smiths' song, "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out", as "Esta luz nunca se apagará", as well as Morrissey's "Everyday Is Like Sunday" as "Todo es Igual Siempre". He has collaborated with Mark Gardener, Robert Quine, drummer Pete Thomas, Lloyd Cole, Matthew Sweet and Fred Maher. In 2005 the band the Lightning Seeds sued Erentxun for alleged plagiarism of their song "Pure", but the suit was eventually dismissed.

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