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Michael Bracewell


In 2015, True-to-you.net shared "Michael Bracewell comments on Morrissey being without a record label":

"The situation is BEYOND BELIEF..... not wishing to be facile, but this is like Hockney being unable to get a gallery, only slightly worse and even more baffling... How very odd that the cost of being an icon is isolation..."

Michael Bracewell interviewed Morrissey for The Times – November 6, 1999 ("Heaven Knows I'm Not Miserable Now").

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Michael Bracewell (born 7 August 1958) is a British writer and novelist. He was born in London, and educated at the University of Nottingham, graduating in English and American Studies. A comprehensive collection of Bracewell's essays can be found in The Space Between: Selected Writings on Art, edited by Doro Globus and published by Ridinghouse in 2012. He is perhaps best known for his 1997 collection, England Is Mine: Pop Life in Albion From Wilde to Goldie.

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