March 2012 statement from Morrissey - (March 23, 2012)

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Discussing the South American tour & ranking shows, seeing Joan Collins and the Suedehead remix.


March 2012 statement from Morrissey.

Thank you for an incredible tour of South America. It has been the best tour of my life. Nothing I had previously experienced prepared me for the love shown to me by the people of Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina. The excitement of the Brazilian audiences was almost heart-stopping. After all these years, to still be a part of people's hope is astounding to me. It's one thing to be valued, but to be loved is an entirely different experience.

Thanks also to the police in Peru, Brazil and Colombia who escorted me around (as custodians, I should add.) I am grateful.

Nights of unforgettable joy:

1. Bogota, COLOMBIA.
2. Lima, PERU.
3. Belo Horizonte, BRASIL.
4. Santiago, CHILE.
5. Sao Paulo, BRASIL.
6. Rio, BRASIL.
7. Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.
8. Rosario, ARGENTINA.
9. Mendoza, ARGENTINA.
10. Cordoba, ARGENTINA.

We are very much looking forward to upcoming concerts in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and Hawaii. We shall give our best.

Very special thanks to those of you who - incredibly! - follow the tours from country to country.

Thanks also to Kristeen Young for supporting throughout South America, which is remarkable considering that both of her legs and both arms are made of unusually soft plywood.

My love for the band goes through the roof. All we have is yours.

On returning to London I came face to face with the too-beautiful Joan Collins, more alive and more radiant than ever. Alas, on her back she carried an electrocuted animal. Sad.

In April, EMI re-issue my 1988 single Suedehead as remixed by Ron and Russell Mael. This is a great thrill for me, and I am indebted till death to Ron and Russell.

You might also be aware that Thelma Houston has also recorded Suedehead this year.

Anyway, thank you for reading this, and I shall see some of you in far-off places.

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