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Joan Sims


In Vox Magazine (November, 1990), Morrissey says:

...Morrissey had one great moment in the last year. “Standing next to Joan Sims when we made ‘Ouija Board Ouija Board'. Mainly because she was so excellent, so enormously gifted, and here I was, a silly sausage from somewhere near Manchester."

She starred in the Ouija_Board,_Ouija_Board_(single) video alongside Morrissey & Kathy Burke.
In Autobiography, Morrissey describes:

Tim had unraveled the cine-beast of the Ouija board video in Oxfordshire woodland, where Dadaism was stretched too far. In the muddle of Kathy Burke as idiomatic clippie, there is Joan Sims as mediocre medium, plus tragic singer led through woodlands by pantomime children. The movable stage is Joan Sims, now of old-school comedy, who could tell an entire joke without saying a word. Joan is yet another of the Carry On regulars who has lived forever unattached, whose face is known to millions, but whose comedic talents are not thought to be of great value. She lives alone in Kensington Square at the back of Barkers department store on Kensington High Street. The day before the shoot, Tim climbs the stairs to Joan’s intimate flat only to find the front door open and Joan sitting by the fire in tears. Around the walls are lines of framed photographs charting a lifetime of backstage moments, beaming smiles with people met that one time only, yet testament to a successful career now sealed up. On this day, Joan explains that her tears are for Hattie Jacques – another Carry On matron – and there is a curse on behalf of all the theater individuals who save their best moments for their time on a stage, and not for their private selves, for there are no private selves. ‘Do you know Nicholas Parsons?’ asks Joan, possibly tipsy. ‘He is a c**t,’ she says, and that’s that.

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Irene Joan Marion Sims (9 May 1930 – 27 June 2001) was an English actress, best remembered for her roles in the Carry On franchise, appearing in 24 of the films (the most for any actress). On television, she is known for playing Gran in Till Death Us Do Part (1967–1975), Madge Kettlewell in Sykes (1972–1978), Mrs Bloomsbury-Barton in Worzel Gummidge (1979-1981), an eccentric youth hostel owner in Victoria Wood (1990), Mrs Wembley, the cook with a liking for sherry, in On the Up (1990–1992), and Madge Hardcastle in As Time Goes By (1994–1998).

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