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Author of Peepholism: Into The Art Of Morrissey.

From Q Magazine (October, 1994):

...While production manager at Rough Trade during The Smiths time, she supervised his array of Xeroxes, doodles and colour instructions while clearing the copyright on the selected images, continuing through the solo years and finally graduating to the role of Morrissey's personal assistant (she stepped down in July 1993)..."

"...Morrissey never justified his choices in print, nor gave any reason to Slee, "but that's his prerogative. That's what Peepholism means - it's a glimpse into Morrissey's personality, foibles and all, with a lot of broad hints which will hopefully give people some insights. His use of visuals can sometimes be obscure, sometimes comic, some times convoluted, but impossible to sum up in one sentence. Which is one of the things that makes him so interesting."

In Neil Taylor's: "Document and Eyewitness - An Intimate History of Rough Trade" (Orion, July 2010), Jo states:

"I met Steve at the station cafe, where I drew a circle on a sheet of A4 using a cafe plate and did the 'artwork' for the record label. I was still finishing it off about three minutes before the train was due to leave. On the record label outer edge there's a circle with a jagged rip in it. That was my little joke about Rough Trade being a vicious circle (working ourselves into the ground while trying to change the world)."

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Worked as a production manager for Rough Trade, personal assistant for Morrissey and designed covers for The Smiths. / Morrissey.

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