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Jeff Turner


Also known as Jeff Geggus & "Stinky" Turner.
A founding member of Cockney Rejects.
His book "Cockney Reject" (2005), contains a foreword by Morrissey:

"When I first heard Jeff Turner sing, it brought to mind a street trader of the old East End - or else a kid in Canning Town swimming baths gulping too much chlorinated water. An interesting yelp - hard and indifferent with a condescending roll, yet also a bit sentimental. I imagined someone who had willingly bypassed standardised education in place of enjoyment and the self and walking directly into trouble - all very envious occupations, I thought. Jeff Turner was obviously singing in order to avoid murdering someone which was, I suppose, diplomatic. The sound of the Rejects was, then, a ringing hum of human energy - stories of disorder, and how this country was generally done for. I say this because I was trying to explain how I felt about the sound when I first heard it - I don't mean to imply that the Rejects no longer exist. 'Subculture', I think, is lost greatness. I don't exactly understand the words - but the voice, I thought, was fantastic - even when slightly off-key (which wasn't extremely rare...). It's a very King Of The Swill voice, and the songs were the escape from his social position - otherwise Jeff Turner would probably have ended up stacking deckchairs in Malaga... as we all would. I couldn't detect any S.E.X. in the voice. I imagined he treats all women like buses... or he'd never met one (a woman, not a bus). The best pop groups give off a natural air of being a clan in the right - and the Rejects had that, certainly in skinnier times. And it was often very funny. With Jeff Turner, I think it's a combination of the truth in his heart and the full of his lungs - which is good enough for me.


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