I Keep Mine Hidden

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Name I Keep Mine Hidden
Album/single Girlfriend In A Coma
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
Sweet And Tender Hooligan
Length 1:57 (single version)
2:03 (altenate take)
Writer/composer Morrissey / Johnny Marr
Producer Grant Showbiz
Remixed by Stephen Street
Release August, 1987
Recorded May, 1987 (Firehouse Studios)


From Uncut Magazine , August 1998 (Pt.1):

"Morrissey had this song, 'I Keep Mine Hidden' which was basically Morrissey saying, 'I'm sorry Johnny, I'm a complete f*** up but please forgive me,'" reveals Grant Showbiz. "With lots of specific references, it was a very direct song."

Also released as a live version by Morrissey on the Something Is Squeezing My Skull 7" vinyl single (Polydor/Decca 4781877).

Alternate Take

The alternate take of this track was included on the Complete deluxe edition vinyl 7" collection box set.


Hate, love, and war
Force emotions to the fore
But not for me
Of course, of course
I keep mine hidden

I keep mine hidden
But it's so easy for you
Because you let yours flail into public view

Yellow and green
A stumbling block
I'm a twenty-digit combination to unlock
With a past where to be "touched"
Meant to be "mental"

I keep mine hidden
But life is so easy for you
Because you let yours slide into public view

Use your loaf

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