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Hundred Reasons


Contributed a cover version of How Soon Is Now? to How Soon Is Now? The Songs Of The Smiths By... (2004).

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English alternative rock band from Aldershot, Hampshire, formed in 1999. They have won three Kerrang! awards: 'Best New Band' (2000), 'Best Album' (2002) and 'Best Unsigned Act' (2004).

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Hundred Reasons are an English alternative rock band, They formed in South West London in 1999. The band consists of Colin Doran (vocals), Larry Hibbitt (guitar, vocals), Andy Gilmour (bass) and Andy Bews (drums). Having toured almost constantly for 14 months throughout the UK and Europe in support of their first releases EP1 (Cerebra), EP2 (Remmus) and EP3, (I'll Find You), Hundred Reasons released their debut album, Ideas Above Our Station (2002), to critical acclaim and commercial success. The album yielded the singles, "I'll find you", "If I Could", "Silver" and "Falter", and was followed by Shatterproof Is Not a Challenge in 2004. After being dropped by Columbia Records, the band signed with V2 Records and released their third studio album, Kill Your Own (2006). Guitarist and vocalist Paul Townsend departed from the band following its release, and was replaced by Ben Doyle for the band's fourth studio album, Quick the Word, Sharp the Action (2007). Following years of inactivity, the band played 10th anniversary shows to celebrate the release of Ideas Above Our Station in 2012, and briefly reunited again for two shows in the summer of 2014. Between 2017 and 2019, Doran and Gilmour performed the band's material as an acoustic duo, named Undead Raisins, leading to a full band reunion announcement in 2021. The band released its fifth studio album, Glorious Sunset in February 2023. Hundred Reasons have had 6 top 40 hit singles, 2 top 20 hit albums, and have been nominated for several Awards, winning three Kerrang! awards for: "Best New Band" (2000), "Best Album" (2002) and "Best Unsigned Act" (2004).