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This is a template for linking to videos hosted on YouTube.

It's pretty simple, use as so:

{{YTw |ec4KB1XcXQU}}

... which is of the form ...

{{ template name | video ID }}

The video ID is the last bit of a YouTube URL before any ampersands (&). For example:

The ID is the one used above.

The result will be as so:


If the video is available in a higher resolution format than the default 18, append the format number after the ID, as so:

{{YTw |ec4KB1XcXQU|35}}

...which is of the form...

{{ template name | video ID | format ID }}

The result from this will be:


A list of format IDs can be found on Wikipedia. Note that today's standard display size is 1080p or 1920x1080. As such, formats larger than 37 should not be used in this template.

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