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Sing Your Life #2


Creator, Webmaster & owner of Morrissey-solo.

Initially helped create "Sing Your Life - A Morrissey Fanzine" which was sold from 1991-95. This gave extensive coverage of the 1991/1992 tours. Then began an online version of "Sing Your Life" which would lay the foundations for Morrissey-solo.

Simon Goddard writes in his "Sources & Bibliography" for Mozipedia (2009):

On the specifics of Morrissey and The Smiths I’m also indebted to two extremely precious portals on the world wide web. Firstly, the American website morrissey-solo.com run by David Tseng. In the world of Morrissey, Tseng’s service is an equivalent CNN, as unrivalled as it is invaluable... "

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