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Cited as possibly playing a part in later influencing The Sun's "Child Sex Song Puts Beeb In A Spin" article.

Sounds, June 4, 1983

Ealier in the year he'd written an article called "Handsome Devils: Dave McCullough Is Smitten By The Smiths" (Sounds, June 4, 1983), writing:

The subject of child molesting crops up more than a few times in Smiths songs. They are hilarious lyrics, more so because they will suddenly touch on the personal.

This, coupled with his prior review of The Smiths at The University of London Union (May 6, 1983) stating similar 'molesting' references as found in Sounds (May 14, 1983), appeared to help shape The Sun's article in August of the same year (See also: Nick Ferrari).

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