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"On this glorious occasion of the splendid defeat" is spoken by Anthony Newley and comes from the film Cockleshell Heroes.

In answer to an interview question, Morrissey says about the film:

"On "Maladjusted" you have sampled a dialogue from a film called "Cockleshell Heroes".

- Oh, it's just one of those crisp British films that you've probably seen at four o'clock on a rainy Sunday on a channel you never usually watch. It's actually not a very good movie although it is written by Bryan Forbes. It's just a masculine war movie where everyone's a marine soldier and everybody's happy all the time and every officer has a stiff upper lip. They go to war, to Bourdeaux, and return with a couple of limbs missing but they are still as jovial as ever. It's just one of those old films that gives us wonderful insight to merry old England."

(Translated from Swedish: Andres Lokko's interview in POP magazine - January, 1998).

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The Cockleshell Heroes is a 1955 British Technicolor war film with Trevor Howard, Anthony Newley, Christopher Lee, David Lodge and José Ferrer, who also directed. The film depicts a heavily fictionalised version of Operation Frankton, the December 1942 raid on German cargo shipping by British Royal Marines Commandos, who infiltrated Bordeaux Harbour using folding kayaks. It was the first Warwick Film to be filmed in CinemaScope. The producer, Cubby Broccoli, went on to produce films about a famous fictional commander of the Royal Navy in the James Bond franchise. It was one of the top British box office hits of 1956.