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Chris Andrews


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British songwriter, pop singer and producer, born 15 October 1942, Romford, East London.

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Christopher Frederick Andrews (born 15 October 1942) is an English-German singer-songwriter and producer, whose musical career started in the late 1950s. His biggest hits as a solo artist include "To Whom It Concerns", "Yesterday Man", and "Pretty Belinda". He had thirteen number one songs between five countries between 1965 and 1970. Andrews was a songwriter, and wrote songs for many artists, including Sandie Shaw, who he wrote other fifteen songs for, such as "As Long as You're Happy Baby", "Don't Run Away", "Girl Don't Come", "I'll Stop At Nothing", "Long Live Love", "Message Understood", "Nothing Comes Easy", "Run", "Show Me", "Think It All Over", "Today", "Tomorrow", and "You've Not Changed".