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Charlie Richardson


Used as a tour backdrop and program cover in 1992 and as a foldout liner poster in the Japanese version of Your Arsenal.
Morrissey Central used a montage of Elvis & Charlie in 2021.

Morrissey, via Autobiography recounts a letter from Charles:

"I was surprised to receive a handwritten letter from Charles Richardson in 1995 from his home in Kent. The Richardson brothers had power in south London similar to the Krays’ power in east London, and their gory glory days ran parallel. In his letter, Charles explained that a feature film was to be made of his life, and he asked if I would consider playing him on screen. I was astonished at the invitation, but I hadn’t the nerve to entertain it since I couldn’t act naturally at all – not even whilst sleeping. From Charlie Richardson to Julie Christie to Alan Bennett to Richard Davalos to Anthony Newley, I stood back from it all and wondered how all of these people had come into my life, and what a strange jigsaw they all made. How could I have ever imagined Anthony Newley as a weekly correspondent?"

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The Richardson Gang was an English crime gang based in South London, England in the 1960s. Also known as the "Torture Gang", they had a reputation as some of London's most sadistic gangsters. Their alleged specialities included pulling teeth out using pliers, cutting off toes using bolt cutters and nailing victims to floors using 6-inch nails.

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