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Appeared on the sleeve of official releases or the photographer credited.

Generally chosen and designed by Morrissey. The following WEA releases with sleeve cover stars are known to have been chosen and designed without Morrissey's involvement:

From Morrissey Missed The Bus - Q Magazine (November 2001):

Did you have any say in the release of this year's The Smiths' Greatest Hits?
None at all. I've never been involved in any post-Rough Trade UK release, so it's distressing when people attribute those awful WEA sleeves to me - the hellish things I'm forced to suffer... This latest one must really be the final nail: horrific sleeve, title misspelt on artwork, wrong publishing information... had to buy the CD on import in order to hear the remastering! I cried. Remarkably, no one at Warner Music was sacked! I believe it reached Number 31? Too high, if you ask me.

Cover stars on multiple releases