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In 2006, Bow Wow Wow recorded a cover of the Smiths' song "I Started Something I Couldn't Finish", which appeared on three 2007 releases: a new three-track I Want Candy EP (Cleopatra), compilation album Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before: A Tribute To The Smiths (Cleopatra) and the soundtrack to the film Blood & Chocolate: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Lakeshore Records).

The cover was also was played in the Tour Of Refusal 2009 Pre-show Tracks.

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Formed in 1980 by Malcolm McLaren after the demise of the Sex Pistols, Bow Wow Wow were originally members of Adam And The Ants. On McLaren's advice, they recruited a 14-year-old singer named Myint Myint Aye (Burmese for "High High Cool"), who was later renamed Annabella Lwin.

Typified by Burundi-style drumming and Lwin's singing—which veered between screaming and ritual chants—Bow Wow Wow saw some early success in the UK after signing with RCA. They scored a minor hit in the US with their cover of the classic 1965 single "I Want Candy," originally by US group The Strangeloves. Their first US LP was released in 1982 amid controversy over the cover which depicted the young singer nude with the rest of the group (clothed). The band split in 1984 with the young singer pursuing a solo career as "Annabella", while the rest became "Chiefs Of Relief". Bow Wow Wow eventually reunited in some capacity during the mid 1990's.

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Bow Wow Wow are an English new wave band, created by manager Malcolm McLaren in 1980. McLaren recruited members of Adam and the Ants to form the band with then 13-year-old Annabella Lwin on lead vocals. They released their debut EP Your Cassette Pet in 1980 and had their first UK top 10 hit with "Go Wild in the Country" in 1982. The band's music was characterized by a danceable new wave sound that drew on a Burundi beat provided by Dave Barbarossa on drums, as well as the subversive, suggestive, and sometimes exuberant lyrics sung and chanted by their teenage lead vocalist.