Birmingham, England 1983-06-03 (The Smiths concert)

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The Smiths Live Concert
Tour Pre-Album Shows
Date 3 June, 1983
Venue Fighting Cocks
Location Birmingham, England
Opening Act Passion Play

Set List [1]

Live Recordings


Unofficial Releases

This concert was released on the Reel Around The Fountain bootleg CD. This release is incomplete as it omits Miserable Lie.

Portions of this concert have been released on the The Smiths Hang The DJ (Thrice!) bootleg LP, the From The One You Left Behind bootleg CD and the Wilde About The Smiths Unlimited Rarities bootleg CD.

A lossless version is available at Smiths Torrents. MP3 versions are available at the usual places.

Concert Photographs And Memorabilia

References And Notes

  1. Set List provided by Passions Just Like Mine