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Covered Panic with Damon Albarn and Mexican Institute Of Sound at Bahidorá 2024.

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Africa Express is a UK non-profit organisation and collective co-founded by Damon Albarn and journalist Ian Birrell in 2006, as a reaction to the quasi absence of African acts at the Live 8 event. Its aim is to facilitate and promote cross-cultural collaborations between musicians in African, Middle Eastern, and Western countries via events, recording sessions and collaborative albums.

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Africa Express is a UK-based non-profit organization that facilitates cross-cultural collaborations between musicians in African, Middle Eastern, and Western countries. It seeks to help African musicians break beyond the perceived stigmas and prejudices of the term world music, while presenting a positive impression of Africa to counter against common media images of war, famine, and disease. Notable events that Africa Express has been involved in include performances at the 2012 Olympics, the Glastonbury Festival, the BBC Electric Proms, Denmark's Roskilde Festival, a tour of Syrian refugee musicians, and concerts in such places as Mali, the Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, and France. The organization has also released a number of compilations and collaborative albums along with a documentary of the 2012 Africa Express UK train tour. Many of the established Western musicians who have participated in the organization's projects have spoken of their admiration for the musical skill levels of the African musicians involved and the influence their participation has had on them. Over 50,000 people are estimated to have attended Africa Express events, which have received substantial global media coverage.

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