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Claudia Brucken of ACT


Act covered Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now.
It featured on their Laughter, Tears and Rage album (UK: ZTT / ZQCD1, 1988).

From ZANG TUMMM TUMB Articles “the first draft of history”:

The first ACT LP is a soundtrack to an imaginary film, “Laughter, Tears And Rage”. ACT is an experiment in union: their album is an adventure in idealism and escapism. As well as featuring 8 songs written by Claudia and Thomas snatches of dialogue and instrumental music, it also features songs written by ‘80s writers most admired by Brucken and Leer. Steven Morrissey and Johnny Marr’s “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” — representing idealism — and Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice’s “I’d Be Surprisingly Good For You” — representing escapism."

Wikipedia Information

Act were a short-lived synth-pop group signed to ZTT Records in the late 1980s, and comprising Scottish musician Thomas Leer and German ex-Propaganda vocalist Claudia Brücken. Besides synthpop and disco, the group were also influenced by psychedelic rock and musical theatre. Lyrically, their songs tended to be concerned with decadence and moral bankruptcy. The band dissolved shortly after the release of their first album Laughter, Tears and Rage in 1988.