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Speaking to Billboard Magazine in 2017, Morrissey said of the label:

You’re creating your own label, Etienne, for this release – how involved are you in the business end of that? Has it been more work or less work than you expected? Is it enjoyable?

Whatever happens in the world, music is for eternity. It’s a great pleasure and very healthy to produce and create, and I’d love to expand Etienne and sign up music that counts. Not marketing nonsense, but artists whose lives depend upon singing and playing music. They count in the long run.

Excerpt from an interview with BMG's Korda Marshall in Music Week (Sep. 1, 2017):

The album is being released on the newly-created Etienne imprint, what will that be used for?

Etienne is Steven in French. We wanted to give him a vehicle where he could do other things, to give him a platform of his own. We felt that was important and he wanted to do that. We had conversations about it and we think it’s a really good approach that he’s got his own label identity, so he can do other things if he wants to.

Is he planning on releasing other acts via Etienne?

That’s not really part of the discussion. We’re just really happy that he’s happy. We’ve got a collection of labels at BMG, we had a discussion about what label he wanted to be on and he wanted to do his own label. It’s a vehicle for whatever he wants to do. It’s part of the process of giving him the creative freedom he deserves and needs.

Notable release differences on printed labels compared to the sleeve:

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Étienne, stylised as étienne or étienne label, is Morrissey's imprint set up with BMG. The name comes from the French equivalent of Morrissey's first name.

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