We'll Let You Know

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Cover art
Name We'll Let You Know
Album/Single Your Arsenal
Length 5:17
4:13 (Suedehead [Mael Mix])
Recorded Spring 1992
Writer Morrissey/Whyte
Producer Mick Ronson



How sad are we?

And how sad have we been? We'll let you know, we'll let you know Oh, but only if you're really interested

You wonder how We've stayed alive 'til now? We'll let you know, we'll let you know But only if you're really interested

We're all smiles Then, honest I swear, it's the turnstiles That make us hostile

We will descend On anyone unable to defend themselves

And the songs we sing They're not supposed to mean a thing

We may seem cold Or we may even be The most depressing people you've ever known At heart, what's left, we sadly know That we are the last Truly British people you'll ever know We are the last truly British people You will ever know

You'll never, never want to know


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