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Founded in 1958 by Jack Warner as a soundtrack factory for Warner Bros. movie studios, Warner Bros. Records and its family of subsidiary labels, which includes Reprise Records, Sire Records, Maverick Records, Warner Nashville, Warner Jazz, Warner Western, and Word Label Group encompassed a full spectrum of musical genres. After more than 60 years using the Warner Bros. name and logo (and following the end of a 15-year licensing agreement with AT&T/WarnerMedia, until 2018 Time Warner), the label was rebranded in May 2019 to simply Warner Records.

Warner Bros. is known to have used various companies pressing facilities, including but not limited to, Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Santa Maria & Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Terre Haute .

Information about how to determine first pressings of US LP's on this label: Grey label, black WB Shield, WB in gold print # 1200 - approx. 1470 Same, but in white print # 1470 - 1615 Gold Label # 1616 - 1737 (last spotted gold label) Green Label, Warner Bros. - Seven Arts Records, W7 logo # 1738 - 1834 Green Label, Warner Bros. Records. w/ WB Shield # 1835 - 2694 (last spotted green label) Palm Trees Label NO ADDRESS at bottom # 2693 - 2865 Palm Trees Label 3300 Warner Blvd. # 2866 - 3180 Dark Cream Label w/Tan horizontal lines and address in perimeter since1978 # 3181 - up to 1982/1983 Light Cream (Off-white) Label w/no lines and w/Ghost WB logo's in the background - everything since 1983

~ Please note: A few select "WB" LP's pressed in 1983 also were issue with the pinstripe (previous) label [r=925017] as the 'ghost logos' were being introduced during the label design change. Releases with BSK and having 'ghost logos' labels should be considered a "reissue or repress" as they kept the same release # from the original 1970's #'s but changed the label to the new version.

An example of label versions during the change: [r=4825085] [r=1291640]

Source: Joe Lindsay's Record Label Guide and Raymond Dumont's collection.

Label Code: LC 0392 / LC 00392

Please note that some US cassettes and 8-tracks have a WB or WAR code on the spine or elsewhere near or above the catalogue number. This is not part of the catalogue number and should not be entered as such. Instead, it's a label identification code and may be entered in the Barcode and Other Identifiers fields in Other.

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