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Top Of The Pops

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Television Show
Host (Incomplete)
Jimmy Savile (1964–1984)
David Jensen (1976–1984)
Mike Read (1978–1989)
Simon Bates (1979–1988)
Steve Wright (1980–1989)
John Peel (1981–1987)
Janice Long (1982–1988)
Filmed BBC Television Centre, London, UK
(Other locations also used)
Years Active 1 January 1964 – 30 July 2006
Associated Acts The Smiths, Morrissey
Official Website


Top Of The Pops (common acronym TOTP) is a British popular music television programme, broadcast on the BBC from 1964 to present.
It's format follows the UK singles chart top 40, of which the current positions are announced throughout the show.
Most of the broadcasts were from BBC Television Centre, located in west London, England.
It's presenters were BBC Radio One DJ's for most of it's run, including Janice Long and John Peel.
The show was broadcast weekly until viewing figures began to fall in the early 2000's, and after moving from BBC1 to BBC2, the decision was made to axe the regular show in 2006 .
Since then only occasional 'specials' have been made, such as the Christmas Day TOTP, which is still running.

The Smiths Appearances


24 November: This Charming Man Video:This Charming Man (TOTP, 24 Nov 1983)


26 January: What Difference Does It Make? Video:What Difference Does It Make? (TOTP, 26 Jan 1984)

9 February: What Difference Does It Make?
Video:What Difference Does It Make? (TOTP, 9 Feb 1984)

26 April: The Smiths & Sandie Shaw, Hand In Glove
Video:Hand In Glove, The Smiths & Sandie Shaw, TOTP, April 26, 1984

31 May: Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Video:Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (TOTP, 31 May 1984)

14 June: Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Video:Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (TOTP, 14 June 1984)

30 August: William, It Was Really Nothing
Video:William It Was Really Nothing (TOTP, 30 Aug 1984)


14 February: How Soon Is Now?
Video:How Soon Is Now (TOTP, 14 Feb 1985)

10 October: The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
Video:The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (TOTP, 10 Oct 1985)


5 February: Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Video:Shoplifters Of The World Unite (TOTP, 5 Feb 1987)

23 April: Sheila Take A Bow Video:Sheila Take A Bow (TOTP, 13 April 1987)

Morrissey Appearances


9 June Everyday Is Like Sunday
Video:Everyday Is Like Sunday (TOTP, 9 June 1988)


9 February The Last Of The Famous International Playboys


3 May November Spawned A Monster


8 August Pregnant For The Last Time
10 October My Love Life


7 May We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful


3 March The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get


1 August Alma Matters
19 September Roy's Keen


10 May Irish Blood, English Heart
23 July First Of The Gang To Die

Associated Performers

The The, The Beat-en Generation
Electronic, Disappointed

Opening Titles Video 1983-1986