Theatre Of Hate

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Theatre Of Hate


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Theatre of Hate are a British post-punk band who formed in 1980, they broke up late 1982. Members of the band then formed Spear Of Destiny, but also toured as Theatre of Hate in 1991. The group reformed 1994 for new studio recordings and live tours. The line-up in the 2000s featuring original members Kirk Brandon and Stan Stammers and John 'boy' Lennard,with Adrian Portas, Chris Bell and later Clive Osborne, who replaced Lennard on sax after the 'Kinshi' album.

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Theatre of Hate are a British post-punk band formed in London, England, in 1980. Led by singer-songwriter and guitarist Kirk Brandon (formerly of The Pack), the original group also consisted of bassist Stan Stammers (formerly of The Straps and The Epileptics), saxophonist John "Boy" Lennard, guitarist Steve Guthrie and drummer Luke Rendle (formerly of Crisis and The Straps).