The Bullfighter Dies (single)

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Digital download cover art including clone stamp.
10" white label 4-track EP
Name The Bullfighter Dies
Release 17 June 2014 (Digital Download)
Total Length 2:03
Recorded February 2014
Writer/composer Morrissey / Jesse Tobias
Producer Joe Chiccarelli
Art work Photo credited to Donnie Knutson
Vinyl Etching Not applicable
Publisher Harvest Records
Format(s) Digital Download
Chart position UK - did not chart
Single chronology
Earth Is The Loneliest Planet
The Bullfighter Dies
Kiss Me A Lot


The Bullfighter Dies was the fourth single released off Morrissey's tenth solo album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business. The song was produced by Joe Chiccarelli and co-written by Jesse Tobias.


The Bullfighter Dies was released as a digital single on 17 June 2014.

It was included on a limited edition 4-track white label 10" EP released 07 July 2014.[1]

The Bullfighter Dies / single - post on (08 Jan 2015)

The 45 pictured below was scheduled for global release by Harvest, but scrapped by Steve Barnett at the last minute. The b-side was the original French mix of the song One of Our Own.

Note: "Scandinavia" (French mix) is listed as the b-side on the included image, which matches the listing of the aborted releases on [2] The other supposed vinyl singles included "Istanbul", "Kiss Me A Lot" and "Neal Cassady Drops Dead", featuring French mixes of "Smiler With Knife" and "Art-hounds", along with the aforementioned "Scandinavia".

Track list

Digital Download

  1. The Bullfighter Dies – 2:03 (Morrissey/Tobias)


Mad in Madrid
ill in Seville
lonely in Barcelona
then someone told you
and you cheered
"Hooray, hooray
the bullfighter dies
hooray, hooray
the bullfighter dies
and nobody cries
because we all want the bull to survive"

Gaga in Malaga
no mercy in Murcia
mental in Valencia
then someone tells you
and you cheer
"hooray, hooray
the bullfighter dies
hooray, hooray
the bullfighter dies
and nobody cries
because we all want the bull to survive."

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Release in plastic sleeve with album artwork picture insert.


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Wikipedia Information

"The Bullfighter Dies" is a song by English singer Morrissey. It is the seventh track on his World Peace Is None of Your Business album and was released as the fourth single off the album via digital download on 17 June 2014, through Harvest and Capitol Records. On 8 January 2015, Morrissey advised fans that a 45 of "The Bullfighter Dies" was scheduled for a global release by Harvest, but was scrapped by Steve Barnett at the last minute. The B-side was to be the original French mix of the song "One of Our Own". Due to changes in global music consumption, the physical versions of the first four singles from this album were released together as one 10" vinyl.

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