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Revision as of 16:22, 13 December 2012 by Davidt (talk | contribs)

Why does it list the band line up for 2012 as the Your Arsenal band?

DT: Fixed for 2012, other tours need to be updated also.

MR: I'm thinking that World Tour 2012 should either be renamed 2012/2013 or a new World Tour 2013 should be created. Since dates in Central/South America are being added I would guess that there will be more in other countries as well.

DT: Agreed, since this is a continuation of the tour go ahead and rename it 2012 / 2013 with a redirect. Let me know if you need any help with that.

DT: The page move appears to have worked but I see the odd link "< World Tour 2012" in the page. I think it may be because the character '/' signifies a subdirectory. Perhaps try changing the title to "World Tour 2012-2013" instead?

MR: Sure. I think maybe I'll roll back that change and then do the 2012-2013 rename. Seem reasonable?

DT: Sounds good!

MR: That seems to have fixed it.

DT: Excellent! Nice job.