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I created all the info links so I could get the venue and set list done later. Also entered the info I had for the first leg of the tour. Look at it and let me know. There were two shows I don't have data for and a third that PJLM says was canceled. I'll be adding the set lists for this tour next. After this tour I'll do a tour that has post show info on M-S. -MR

US/Canada leg done - MR

Excellent, looks good. I know it's not always easy to credit sources but if you know some info came from PJLM for example I can add that as a general credit somewhere.

<hr\> All of them are coming from PJLM. Is it possible to create a PJLM credit template that I can go back and add to each show?


DT: Yes, that should be possible, let me think about the best way to do that. As we have discussed on the forum, it's likely a lot of info on PJLM was taken from other sources including this site (without credit) so the reference may be circular. Also, PJLM is a little different case as Stephane mentioned he doesn't mind if people take his info without credit. Let's see how it goes, a general credit on the main tour pages may be enough.

I think credit should be given fairly regardless of the source's policies. Perhaps something like what I added to the initial bio page?

The majority of the biography information on this page was taken from the Morrissey Wikipedia page.

<hr\> Excellent. I've emailed and PM's Stephane about content usage multiple times but he's never responded to me. Certainly I don't want folks to think the set list comes from me. Is there a "Notes and References" template?


Thanks, looks like you found an example for citing sources. We can try to figure out where the set list actually came from or use the one from this site if available. Otherwise if you do find the best one at PJLM then the example you created works perfectly. It's unfortunate not everyone wants to give credit where it is due but we can lead by example. In the post-show reports I give credit to the source of the set lists if I didn't provide it myself.

MR: Header done for this tour.

<hr\> DT: Thanks!

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