Talent Borrows Genius Steals (CD bootleg)

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Front Cover

MORRISSEY Bootleg Album
Name Talent Borrows Genius Steals
Recorded Various Dates and Locations
Art work
Publisher Rough Grade (001C-B)[1]
Format(s) CD
Bootleg Album
Sings His Life
Talent Borrows Genius Steals
That's New Entertainment

Track List

  1. Let The Right One Slip In
  2. Nobody Loves Us
  3. East West
  4. A Swallow On My Neck
  5. I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
  6. That's Entertainment
  7. Pregnant For The Last Time
  8. Get Off The Stage
  9. Journalists Who Lie
  10. You've Had Her
  11. Black-Eyed Susan
  12. There Speaks A True Friend
  13. At Amber
  14. Jack The Ripper (Studio Version!)
  15. I Know Very Well How I Got My Name
  16. The Draize Train (Studio Version!)
  17. Interlude (extended version)
  18. I'd Love To
  19. Michael's Bones
  20. Oh Well, I'll Never Learn
  21. I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong

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