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Contributed a cover of You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby to The World Still Won't Listen (A Tribute To The Smiths) (1996).

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Punk rock band from the Berkeley/East Bay area (CA, USA).

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Screw 32 is a Berkeley/East Bay-area US punk rock band. Their name has many supposed origins, the most popular stating that it is derived from an anti-skateboarding measure on the ballot in Concord, California. They were noted for their self-publicity and ordered stickers by the thousands, sticking them in numerous places. They were also known to "tag" their names with Sharpies on numerous objects and in numerous places.Members of the band later played in several other bands; vocalist Andrew "Andrew Champion" Ataie went on to Hopelifter, End of the World, Shadowboxer, and Highwire Days; guitarist Doug Sangalang played with Limp, One Time Angels, and Jackson United; and bass player Jimi Cheetah played in Tilt and Nothing Cool, as well as running Cheetah's Records. Guitarist Grant McIntire and drummer Mark Mortenson had a brief stint in Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, while Mark Mortenson played in the bands Grinch and Samiam. Grant McIntire and Andrew Champion also played in the band Dance Hall Crashers.Screw 32's music has been likened to that of the Bouncing Souls, AFI, and Dag Nasty.