Once I Saw The River Clean

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Name Once I Saw The River Clean
Album/single I Am Not A Dog On A Chain
Length 4:19
Writer/composer Morrissey/Tobias
Producer Joe Chiccarelli
Release March 2020
Recorded 2019


The lyric: "twenty Number 10's" refers to an old brand of UK cigarettes (Player's Number 10).

Official Lyric Video


Once I saw the river clean distant future... wait for me! I grow pleasing to the eye and the queue will queue for me once I saw the river clean soon the clock will strike for me childish mind anticipates grownup mind consummates

I walked with my grandmother down a wind-blown Chester Road with her 52 New Pence For her twenty Number 10's and my 45 Pence to demand 'Metal guru' then with hearts securely stacked we walked all the way back

I walked with my grandmother along the groan of Talbot Road in the gardens by the graves I can just about behave arrogant and paranoid all around see fathead youth look into their brutal eyes but only if you want the truth

Once I saw the river clean scratching up the latest scheme time will come - but it hasn't yet someone's out to get me I walked with my grandmother Cornbrook Street, where, incomplete she would never be again a Dublin dancer free and young

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