Never Again Will I Be A Twin

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Name Never Again Will I Be A Twin
Album/single Low In High School (Deluxe Edition)
Length 4:15
Writer/composer Morrissey / Mando Lopez
Producer Joe Chiccarelli
Release December 2018 (Deluxe Edition)
Recorded Circa mid 2017



Never again will I be a twin
The operation went well, but the patient died

Never again will there be a smile
To wipe off my face once it's too much
In a twin-like realm, in the plastic arts
Of falling in love, what a joke that was
What a joke that was

Never again, because the human race is obsolete
Has faded away just like it sated in
Let the blood not freeze, let the blood not freeze
Let the blood not freeze, what's that supposed to mean?

Tell the depressed I've cast in the bath
Shit on the heads of the working class
Who must die in the dark at ten-past-ten
The outcome remains, always the same
It's always the same

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