My Top Ten - BBC Radio One (1984)

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Morrissey interviewed by Andy Peebles Broadcast: BBC Radio One, 6 October 1984 Duration: 57'37"

Morrissey's top ten records, played and discussed during this show, were:

  1. The Tams - "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy"
  2. Billy Fury - "I Will"
  3. Timi Yuro - "Insult To Injury"
  4. John Leyton - "Johnny Remember Me"
  5. Françoise Hardy - "All Over The World"
  6. Sandie Shaw - "You've Not Changed"
  7. Rita Pavone - "Heart"
  8. The Marvelettes - "Paper Boy"
  9. Sandy Posey - "I Take It Back"
  10. Klaus Nomi - "Death"

Other topics discussed: Manchester, Morrissey's family, school, music and films of the 1960s, Albert Finney, the New York Dolls, Sandie Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Morrissey's singing style, early Smiths performances, music festivals, the music press, "Pop Quiz", dance music, Morrissey's image, Morrissey's record collection, relaxation, travel, and the United States.


Morrissey - "My Top Ten" (BBC Radio One, 1984) ~ Playlist - by K KOGGIE33 / YouTube

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