Morrissey y Malvinas - (December 15, 2015)


Regarding the Malvinas/Falklands & Margaret Thatcher


Political hope died with the wrong one among many wrong ones; that thug of ego overload known as Margaret Thatcher. Proudly wearing the badge of the brute, thug Thatcher murdered Argentinian boys and gave the world the thumbs up. Atrocity has some validation if ownership is the final result, and to hell with intellect! Ensconced on her own throne, thug Thatcher's glut of excess set almost every major British city alight in flames. But that wasn't enough. Dressed in combat gear (!) the show-'em-all pilot blew up Argentina's Belgrano even though it posed no threat to British troops; youth too soon gone. England wondered how badly it had behaved in order to deserve Margaret Thatcher, who invented a civilization of hate. Legless war heroes still support Thatcher, for if they did not, they would be forced to face the truth of their lives: that their limbs were used to fuel her ego. The Malvinas belong to the people of Argentina, not least of all because they are right here, in the windily warm Argentinian air. The Malvinas are not three miles west of Knightsbridge. Thatcher the destroyer did not care whether British or Argentinian lives were lost, and it is only her menu of horrors that ensure her legacy. No Thatcher monument would ever stand on British soil, for it would be felled in an instant as a symbol of poisoned terror. However, world peace is none of your business.


15 December 2015 Buenos Aires

Photograph of Morrissey taken on 14 December 2015 in Argentina by Ginger Shortcake.

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