Morrissey On Free Speech, Islam and Mainstream Media Fake News - Kipper Central (June 30, 2019)

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Morrissey On Free Speech, Islam and Mainstream Media Fake News - Kipper Central

by Reece Coombs


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Speaking exclusively to Kipper Central, rock legend Morrissey gave his thoughts on freedom of speech, Islam, Halal meat and many other controversial and highly-suppressed topics, encouraging his fans not to be afraid of being called ‘racist’ for speaking out.

In a climate of increasing political censorship and de-platforming, it is incredibly risky for any musician to defend freedom of speech, and even more risky to criticise Islam and the media. But in this exclusive interview with Kipper Central, former Smiths frontman Morrissey has done just that. You can read the full, uncensored interview below:

Free speech in the UK is under attack by the media, but you’ve come out very strongly in defence of “prosperity of free speech, the eradication of totalitarian control and diversity of opinion” as you put it. Why are these values of freedom so important to you?

What is important is the people who are trying to stop free speech – which is the hard left, which is completely at odds with being left-wing or liberally minded.

Suddenly the demand for free speech has become a right-wing issue because the left have claimed free speech as exclusively their own.

When the left speak, it is free speech; when the right speak, it is racism.  Who decided this? I have begun to suspect that the traditional right-wing are now disguised as left-wingers in order to contaminate Europe!  I wish I was joking.

Your adverts for your latest album, California Son, have been banned from public transport and your music has been banned from some record stores; the titan corporations are trying to blacklist your music from being heard by the people. These powerful companies have censored your music because of your personal opinions. How has censorship like this become the norm?

The album charted higher and sold more than my previous one, so thank you to all those who gave it so much attention! Twitter culture has produced a predatory mob-rule who feel they have a right to censor whomever they wish.

I think I became a target because I object to Halal slaughter, but I’ve objected all of my life to any form of animal slaughter, so it’s nothing new.  I’m also associated with Brexit, which is odd since I didn’t vote in the referendum.

We look for an understanding to all of this media madness when, really, it is simply the results of a lunatic age.  In the UK, it’s suddenly illegal to be intelligent.

You’ve been called “far right” and a “bigot” in the British papers, simply for supporting freedom of speech and for wearing a For Britain badge. Do you think these accusations are fair? What would your message be to the media in response to this name-calling?

I am not an activist, I have never voted for a political party, I do not belong to any political party, I do not watch television news or listen to radio news, and I do not believe that the most important thing about a person is the colour of their skin.

What has unfolded is simply the obvious reality that the extreme left will not ever be policed or prosecuted for Hate Crime or Hate Speech, so they use it to their full advantage.  The Guardian, for example, is fully convinced that it is a political party.  Some people actually think it’s a newspaper.  I’m not sure why!

You’ve campaigned strongly against animal cruelty, and especially against Halal slaughter in Islamic culture, which is fast being adopted by British slaughterhouses. It’s an issue of both animal rights and an issue of culture; what do you think has led to the acceptance of this horrific practice?

It is exclusively popular with Islamists, and both Labour and the Conservatives desperately want the Islam vote, so, although Halal is technically illegal as well as being beyond barbarism, the House Of Commons look the other way.  Migrant boats mean migrant votes, and so on.  Anyone will vote for the party that allowed them into the country.

Kipper Central’s readers overwhelmingly back your views, and are also fighting to restore free speech in the UK. In fact, many have also been persecuted for having views similar views to yours. Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers, who take great inspiration from your battle with conformity?

Yes.  Do not feel persecuted because you can never possibly be ‘in trouble’ for being attacked by people whose opinion means nothing to you in the first place.  The modern left has managed to destroy the old belief that ‘left’ means ‘good’ and ‘right’ means ‘evil’.  Keep an open mind, do your own research, think for yourself and STOP WATCHING THE NEWS!

Do not be afraid of being called ‘racist’.  It is now as over-used and meaningless as words like ‘awesome’, ‘legend’, ‘iconic’ and ‘brilliant’.  When it’s used it simply means that your opponent doesn’t know how to argue your point.  Whoever thought England would become so silly? I am afraid it has.  The world has always copied our laws, our language, our literature … and now we squabble amongst ourselves like a Third World country.

This is not progressivism … unless you want to progress into hell?

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