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{{Please leave this line alone and write below (this is the coloured heading)}}
{{Please leave this line alone and write below (this is the coloured heading)}}
blah<ref name=pjlm /> blaf<ref name=pjlm /><br>
gronk<ref name=rogan /><br>
| Name = The Smiths
prak<ref name=rogan /><ref name=akira /><br>
| Total Length =  
prada<ref name=cgates /><br>
| Recorded = dsasdf
pringle<ref name=arcane /><br>
| Art =  
ping ping ping<ref name=msolo />
| Vinyl Etching = whatasdfasdfaa
| Publisher =  
| Format = Vinyl, CD
| Type = Bootleg Album
| ArtistType = The Smiths
| Previous =  
<ref name=pjlm>Information provided by [ Passions Just Like Mine]</ref>
| PreviousLink =  
<ref name=msolo>Information provided by [ Morrissey Solo Bootleg Forum]</ref>
| Next = Meat Is Murder
<ref name=rogan>{{cite | auth=Rogan, Johnny | date=October 1, 2012 | pub=Omnibus Press ISBN 1-7803-8304-5 | title=Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance: Updated & Revised 20th Anniversary Edition}}</ref>
| NextLink = Meat Is Murder
<ref name=akira>Information provided by [ Akira Ware]</ref>
<ref name=cgates>Information provided by [ Cemetry Gates]</ref>
<ref name=arcane>Information provided by [ The Arcane Old Wardrobe]</ref>
<references />

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Testing Area

THE SMITHS Bootleg Album
Name The Smiths
Recorded dsasdf
Art work
Format(s) Vinyl, CD
Bootleg Album
The Smiths
Meat Is Murder