Message from Morrissey - (August 28, 2007)


Statement re: 'retirement' & 'final concert'



"I would like to stress to members of TTY that the recent quotes on attributed to me concerning "retirement" and "final concerts" were not made by me, and that the NME are wrong to put my name next to these quotes.
Furthermore, I would like to stress that my knowledge and involvement with "season tickets" and ticket prices for the upcoming shows is zero, and I have nothing at all to do with the way by which tickets are sold or priced. People who think I am involved in that side of the presentation overestimate me - I actually have pitifully short legs - there's only so much I can do.
Thanks to those of you who have bought tickets, and thanks to those even considering coming along. With so many US concerts this year your loyalty has already been over-stretched, so if you decide to pass, that's OK.

Morrissey, 28 August 2007."

Archived original post here.