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Lover-To-Be (single)

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Cover art
Name Lover-To-Be
Release 13 April 2019
Total Length 4:08
Recorded 2017
Writer/composer Morrissey/Boorer
Producer Joe Chiccarelli
Publisher Étienne / BMG
Format(s) 7" Red Vinyl
Chart position UK - did not chart
Single chronology
Morning Starship


Limited Edition of 4.000 copies for Record Store Day 2019

Track list

7" Vinyl

UK - [Étienne ‎– 538473111]

  1. Lover-To-Be – 4:08 (Morrissey/Boorer)
  2. I Thought You Were Dead – 2:54 (Morrissey/Tobias)


Questa canzone a lover-to-be

Have you seen me? I am your lover-to-be You might run into the street You look back for one more peek It's okay by me, it's okay by me It's okay by me, it's okay by me

Oh, I am your lover-to-be Never before, never again Will you see such a special man All peachy-keen, all peachy-keen All peachy-keen, all peachy-keen, oh

You can trust me, I am your lover-to-be You act afraid and nervously coy Because I'm someone you might enjoy, oh That's me, that's me, that's me, oh Ayy, ayy, oh, oh

I am your lover-to-be You say, "God, spare me this corruptor" God says, "You don't know how lucky you are" The paragon knows, the paragon knows The paragon knows, the paragon knows I have nothing to say, I am your lover-to-be Might not be Thursday, it might not be Friday But soon, I'll have you my way

Of good Italian stock, mmm, lover-to-be The way you girlishly, boyishly hide Is not very much to describe Oh, oh, oh, I have nothing to say, I am What is money compared to love? It is Godless, sexless, stupid and sequestered Finally, finally Oh, finally, I am your lover-to-be I have thrashed all the boozers in town And it's your turn now

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