London, England 1983-05-21 (The Smiths concert)

Live Recordings

An unofficial live recording of this show exists and has circulated in various formats and on filesharing sites. This show is of note because it featured a work-in-progress version of Barbarism Begins At Home, performed over a year before the album version was released, and featuring noticeably different/additional lyrics.

Source: Audience
Grade: C (good)

1. Hand In Glove
2. Still Ill
3. Barbarism Begins At Home
4. This Night Has Opened My Eyes
5. Pretty Girls Make Graves
6. You've Got Everything Now
7. What Difference Des It Make
8. Miserable Lie
9. This Charming Man
10. Back To The Old House
11. Reel Around The Fountain
12. Handsome Devil
13. Accept Yourself
14. This Charming Man (again)