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I remembered you
I remembered you
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Cover art
Name Little Man, What Now?
Album/single Viva Hate
Length 1:48
Writer/composer Morrissey/Street
Producer Stephen Street
Recorded Autumn-Winter 1987


Little Man, What Now? is a song that appears on Morrissey's debut album, Viva Hate. It was co-written and produced by Stephen Street.

The song is said to derive its title from the novel "Little Man, What Now?" by German author Hans Fallada (1932).

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An afternoon nostalgia Television show You spoke in silhouette But, they couldn't name you Though the panel were very polite to you

But I remembered you Friday nights 1969 ATV - you murdered every line Too old to be a child star Too young to take leads Four seasons passed And they AXED you

Nervous juvenile - WON'T SMILE! - What became of you? Did that swift eclipse torture you? A star at eighteen and then-suddenly gone Down to a few lines on the back page Of a faded annual Oh, but I remembered you I remembered you

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