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  File:Morrissey.png | [[Morrissey]]<br>Vocals
  File:Morrissey.png | [[Morrissey]]<br>Vocals
  File:Alainwhyte.jpg | [[Alain Whyte]]<br>Lead guitar, rhythm guitar
  File:Alainwhyte.jpg | [[Alain Whyte]]<br>Lead guitar, rhythm guitar
  File:Bozboorer.jpg | [[Boz Boorer]]<br>Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar
  File:Bozboorer.jpg | [[Boz Boorer]]<br>Lead guitar, rhythm guitar
  File:Garyday.jpg | [[Gary Day]]<br>Bass guitar
  File:Garyday.jpg | [[Gary Day]]<br>Bass guitar
  File:Spencercobrin.jpg | [[Spencer Cobrin]]<br>Drums
  File:Spencercobrin.jpg | [[Spencer Cobrin]]<br>Drums

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Tour poster
Morrissey Live
Tour Kill Uncle
Date 27 April, 1991 - 11 November, 1991
Location Ireland
United Kingdom
United States
New Zealand
Opening Act Would-Be's, Phranc, Wellington Regional Orchestra, The Johnson Family


European Leg

Date Location Venue Info
1991-04-27 Dublin, Ireland Dublin Stadium Info
1991-04-29 Paris, France Elysée Montmartre Info
1991-04-30 Dienze, Belgium Brielpoort Info
1991-05-01 Utrecht, Holland MCV Info
1991-05-04 Cologne, Germany Music Hall Info
1991-05-05 Berlin, Germany Metropol Info
1991-05-06 Hamburg, Germany The Docks Info
1991-05-07 Copenhagen, Denmark Saga Info
1991-05-14 Aberdeen, Scotland Capitol Theatre Info
1991-05-15 Dundee, Scotland Caird Hall Info
1991-05-16 Glasgow, Scotland Royal Concert Hall Info

First US/Canada Leg

Date Location Venue Info
1991-05-30 San Diego, California Sports Arena Info
1991-06-01 Costa Mesa, California Pacific Amphitheater Info
1991-06-02 Los Angeles, California Great Western Forum Info
1991-06-05 Las Vegas, Nevada University Hall Info
1991-06-07 Santa Barbara, California County Bowl Info
1991-06-08 Berkeley, California Greek Theater Info
1991-06-09 Sacramento, California Californian Exposition Amphitheater Info
1991-06-11 Phoenix, Arizona Compton Terrace Info
1991-06-13 Salt Lake City, Utah Park West Info
1991-06-15 Denver, Colorado Paramount Theater Info
1991-06-17 Dallas, Texas Starplex Info
1991-06-18 Austin, Texas Coliseum Info
1991-06-19 Houston, Texas Southern Star Amphitheater Info
1991-06-21 Atlanta, Georgia Fox Theater Info
1991-06-22 Nashville, Tennessee Starwood Info
1991-06-25 Chicago, Illinois World Music Theater Info
1991-06-26 Detroit, Michigan Meadowbrook Info
1991-06-27 Cincinnati, Ohio Riverbend Theater Info
1991-06-28 Cleveland, Ohio Nautica Info
1991-06-30 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tower Theater Info
1991-07-03 Mansfield, Massachusetts Greatwoods Performing Arts Center Info
1991-07-05 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Kingswood Music Theatre Info
1991-07-07 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tower Theater Info
1991-07-08 Baltimore, Maryland Merriweather Info
1991-07-10 Long Island, New York Jones Beach Info
1991-07-11 Holmdel, New Jersey Garden State Arts Center Info
1991-07-13 New York, New York Madison Square Garden Info

First UK Leg

Date Location Venue Info
1991-07-20 London, England Wembley Arena Info
1991-07-21 London, England Brixton Academy Info
1991-07-22 Brighton, England The Dome Info
1991-07-24 Liverpool, England Empire Info
1991-07-25 Doncaster, England The Dome Info
1991-07-26 Blackburn, England King George's Hall Info
1991-07-28 Glasgow, Scotland Royal Concert Hall Info

Japan/Australia/New Zealand Leg

Date Location Venue Info
1991-08-27 Fukuoka, Japan The Sun Palace Info
1991-08-28 Osaka, Japan Castle Hall Info
1991-09-01 Nagoya, Japan Century Hall Info
1991-09-02 Tokyo, Japan Budokan Info
1991-09-03 Yokohama, Japan Yokohama Arena Info
1991-09-07 Wellington, New Zealand St. James Theatre Info
1991-09-08 Auckland, New Zealand Logan Campbell Centre Info
1991-09-11 Brisbane, Australia Festival Hall Info

Second UK Leg

Date Location Venue Info
1991-09-29 Dublin, Ireland Point Depot Info
1991-10-01 Hanley, England Victoria Hall Info
1991-10-03 Kilburn, England National Hall Info
1991-10-04 London, England Hammersmith Odeon Info
1991-10-06 Bournemouth, England International Centre Info
1991-10-07 Gloucester, England Leisure Centre Info
1991-10-08 Leicester, England DeMontfort Hall Info

Second US/Canada Leg

Date Location Venue Info
1991-10-28 Vancouver, Canada PNE Coliseum Info
1991-10-29 Seattle, Washington Paramount Theater Info
1991-10-31 Mountain View, California Shoreline Amphitheater Info
1991-11-01 Westwood, California UCLA Pauley Pavilion Info
1991-11-02 San Diego, California Starlight Bowl Info
1991-11-04 Santa Monica, California Civic Auditorium Info
1991-11-07 Minneapolis, Minnesota U. Of M.'s Northrop Audit. Info
1991-11-08 Illinois, Chicago Aragon Ballroom Info
1991-11-09 Ann Arbor, Michigan Michigan Theater Info
1991-11-11 Long Island, New York Nassau Coliseum Info

Band Line-Up