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| Presenters =  
| Presenters =  
* [ KROQ Wikipedia page]
==Morrissey Performances==
==Morrissey Performances==
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#[[My Love Life]]
#[[My Love Life]]
#[[Sing Your Life]]
#[[Sing Your Life]]
On 16 August, 1997, Morrissey and his band appeared on the KROQ show Modern Rock Live.  Five songs were performed and broadcast.
#[[Roy's Keen]]
#[[Trouble Loves Me]]
#[[Satan Rejected My Soul]]
#[[Alma Matters]]
A lossless version of this performance is available at [ Smiths Torrents].  MP3 versions are available at the [ usual] [ places].

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Radio Show


Morrissey Performances



On 3 June, 1991, Morrissey and his band performed at Capitol Studios in Hollywood. The appearance was recorded and officially released on the At KROQ CD single. The performance was followed by an interview.

  1. There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends (Take 1)
  2. There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends (Take 2)
  3. My Love Life
  4. Sing Your Life