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I Didn't Know What To Do

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Album/Single [[]]
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During the break in "Speedway" in two 2014 shows, Gilbert O'Sullivan's "I Didn't Know What To Do" was played.

"I Didn't Know What To Do" by Gilbert O'Sullivan on YouTube (user mohawk3881) identified and posted by HangtheDJ16[1]:



Another rare early track from around 1967 / 68 that appeared on the rare Italian album E LE SUE CANZONI in 1974 . This recording is unavailable on any of Gilbert`s current releases.


I didn't know what to do

And I didn't know where to go 'Cause when I looked at you I saw that it was snow on the ground And not me pretending that I was a bee Fresh from Antarctica frozen to ice Mother dear I want some sound advice

'Cause I didn't know what to do And I didn't know where to go But someone looked at me And said politely growing a beard Can be fun, let me show you how it is done I said don't bother I'd rather go see Uncle George and Auntie Marge help me

'Cause I didn't know what to do When you said, you were ready to go away And they'll stay Until such a time permit me to say Oh I love you

People are staring, they don't understand Cousin Mary please give me your hand 'Cause I didn't know what to do And I didn't know where to go


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