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Cover art
Morrissey Video
Title Hulmerist
Tracks 7
Total Length 46:23 minutes
Director Tim Broad
Publisher EMI
Format(s) VHS, DVD
Released 1990 (VHS), 2004 (DVD)

Track list

Discogs Information


  • Artwork - Jo Slee
  • Artwork - Terrace Stomp
  • Film Director [Directed By] - Tim Broad
  • Layout - Caryn Gough
  • Photography By [Photo] - Barry Plummer


© 1990 Approx Running Time 45 mins.

Track 2 is a live appearance but not credited as such.


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Wikipedia Information


Hulmerist is a VHS and DVD release that includes seven promotional films for songs by Morrissey, released initially on VHS, in 1990, and then on DVD in 2004. It was certified Gold by the RIAA on 18 January 1991.The title refers to Morrissey's childhood home in Hulme, Manchester. The L is silent, so it sounds like "humourist".