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Helen Shapiro


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English singer and actress born September 28, 1946 in Bethnal Green, London. 60s teenage pop singer known for Walking Back To Happiness, in the '90s she moved to recording religious music.

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Helen Kate Shapiro (born 28 September 1946) is a British pop and jazz singer and actress. While still a teenager in the early 1960s, she was one of Britain's most successful female singers. With a voice described by AllMusic as possessing "the maturity and sensibilities of someone far beyond their teen years", Shapiro recorded two 1961 UK chart toppers, "You Don't Know" and "Walkin' Back to Happiness", when she was just 14 years old.Shapiro first achieved prominence in 1961 when her debut single, "Don't Treat Me Like a Child", reached number three on the UK Singles Chart. After the two million-sellers, her success continued in 1962 with further hits including "Tell Me What He Said" and film appearances in Play It Cool and It's Trad, Dad!. In 1963, Shapiro toured with the Beatles, who were her supporting act. Since the 1970s, she has branched out as a performer in musical theatre and jazz; she appeared in the West End and toured extensively with the British jazz trumpeter Humphrey Lyttelton and his band.